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Clark Labs is pleased to announce the release of TerrSet 2020  –an integrated constellation of software applications for monitoring and modeling the Earth system. Developed in close cooperation with leading institutions focused on sustainable development and environmental conservation, TerrSet provides groundbreaking tools for addressing major challenges to smart growth –climate change: trends, projections and adaptation;land cover conversion: trajectories and impacts;ecosystem services: present and future value.

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Stefan Ene

The Idrisi Resource Center at Stockholm University is hosted by the GeoProcessing Unit at the Department of Human Geography.

At the GeoProcessing Unit we have been using Idrisi since way back in the early 90'ies. We deal with most aspects of geographic data processing but our main task is research and development within the field of Geographic Information and Analysis (GIA) and cartography. We do also have the main responsibility for the educational program at the department covering these topics.

We have a very close cooperation with the Department of Physical Geography and together we provide students with 6 (+) computer labs equipped with more than 120 computers running IDRISI/ArcGIS/MapInfo/QGIS (and some more obscure specialized GIS/Remote Sensing software). Altogether about 400 students attend a GIS-course each semester.

More info on our activities can be found at

Stefan Ene, Director


Swedish coordinate systems reference parameter files (.ref)

SWEREF99 TM and RT90 2,5 gon V (

Simply download, unzip, and copy to the Georef folder in your TerrSet installation folder.
(eg C:\Program Files (x86)\TerrSet\Georef)

We now have the Land Change Modeller for ArcGIS!
Download here!

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Special deal for SU-students