QGIS installation

Home of QGIS is at http://qgis.org

There is a lot of info there so do take some time to read it.

The download page is at http://www.qgis.org/en/site/forusers/download.html

As you see there are various platforms supported.
Download and install the version suitable för your operating system!

Don't worry as I've seen it working perfectly on Windows and Mac as well as on Linux computers so your platform should not cause any problem

In the computer labs we are running the LongTermRelsease (LTR) of QGIS so if you are on Windows I strongly recommend that using that during the course. (Do not hesitate to run the latest version at your own computer though)

When installing make sure that You have administrative rights on Your computer! If NOT ask your administrator to either promote You to administrator or, if he/she is reluctant to do that, "order" him to install the software!

If installing on your own computer you will most likely have no problems with this!

Some tips & tricks

  • If You after installation end up with a strange combination of languages in the menus of QGIS it is because the software tries to be smart enough to adjust QGIS language settings according to Your system settings. (Most often this does not work well!)
    Fix it by entering Options-Settings-Locale in QGIS and choose en-US and be sure that the checkbox "Override system locale" is checked - this will force QGIS to use US-English that is rather convenient as most plug-ins that You may find will support it!